Overlooking UE Tan Yan Kee Garden, across San Sebastian College, a stone's throw from many universities, colleges, computer and tech-voc schools, near LRT-2 Legarda station, accessible by public transportation Available for rent in whole or in part. Floor area per level: 2/F is ~176 sq m 3/F is ~267 sqm 4/F is ~ 267 sqm 5/F roofdeck is ~ 267 sqm Pluses 1. Ground floor with 3 restaurants/cafes; Upper floors ideal for dorm, hotel, review center, BPO, Airbnb/Red Door units, DIY or construction finishing materials depot, appliance center, multi level Japan home store, music/dance/wellness studios or art atelier and gallery, hospitality/culinary training center, vocational school, medical laboratory services and dental clinics and supplies, language school, eco-friendly grocer/supplies etc! 2. View to garden on one side 3. Building made of good materials; completed in 2000 4. Low level building with ample roofdeck approx 325 sq m 5. Beside UE, across San Sebastian, near many schools and universities 6. Elegant newly painted façade 7. With seafarer/student boarding homes and lutong bahay canteens in back 8. With 2 dedicated Meralco transformers 9. Naturally illumined stairwell by day 10. With cistern underneath, tank above roofdeck 11. With 3.5 m right of way, space availed of by boarders/bldg tenants/canteen customers. Short term parking only for 2 cars for bldg visitors or suppliers 12. With 1.2 m x 2 m air well so bldg can "breathe" 13. We are smack in UE territory, bounded by UE property along 3 sides (4th side is CM Recto) Downsides 1. Dedicated 24 hr parking spaces not provided 2. Offered preferably as is: no AFSS (Automatic fire suppression system) as would depend on how tenants wish to partition 3. Firewall all along eastern side (not a problem for an open floor layout with partitions running from garden side to firewall side) 4. No elevator  

Property details
  • Property type:
    Commercial space
  • Furnishing:
  • Bedroom:
  • Bath:
    2 Baths
  • Floor area (sqm):
  • Land area (sqm):
  • Floor level:
    2nd to 5th floors
Price and Conditions
  • Rent Price (per month):
  • Advance payment (month):
    3 months
  • Deposit (month):
    3 months
  • Leasing duration:
  • Payment method:
    Cash, Gcash, Bank Transfer
  • University of the East (UE), 2219 Claro M Recto Ave, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008, Philippines

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March 22, 2023
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