11-Hectare Farm for Sale in Ronda , Cebu

A developed farm with a total area of 114,687 square meters, located in the mountain barangay of Cansalonoy, which is about 12 kilometers from the town proper of Ronda, Cebu is for sale. The town of Ronda is 80 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, facing the Island of Negros.

The farm is along a cemented public road and the local elementary school is about 100 meters from the property. The farm has about 300 fully grown mango trees many of which are bearing fruit, hundreds of coconut trees and various kinds of fruit trees, like kaimito, nangka, duhat (lomboy), pomelo, bananas and thousands of mahogany, gemelina, eucalyptus and other high value trees. There are also a few fully grown cacao trees.

There are at least 3 natural springs on the property that irrigate between 4 to 5 hectares of flat land that is planted to rice, corn, peanuts, and vegetables. On one of these springs electric pumps draw water and raise it up to the higher level for home consumption of the caretakers’ families and other nearby families. A jet-matic pump is installed in another natural spring on the property.

There are two families who serve as caretakers. Both caretakers and their families live on lots adjoining the farm. The only house on the property is the rest-house of the landowner.

The farm is made up of 3 adjoining lots registered under the name of the sole owner. Two of the lots are titled and the main lot, with an area of over 10 hectares, is covered only with a tax declaration.

The selling price is P450.00 per sq.m. or a total of PHP 51,608,700



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May 10, 2023
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